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When I got married and moved in with my husband, I envisioned a wonderful romantic journey ahead of us– candle light dinners, cozy snuggles, movie nights et al. The first few years, it was all this and more, till he got a job which required him to travel.

Taking up a job was the best way for me to deal with his absence – it diverted my mind and got me tired enough to drop off to sleep every night without missing him too much. But this too was becoming monotonous. The everyday rigmarole was depressing and I knew I was missing out on something, but I did not know what. Not until I walked into my office today and locked eyes with a guy I thought had just stepped down from Olympus! He was that gorgeous and all that staring made me trip over a box on the floor and I was suddenly hugging the floor.  With a tiny hint of a smile, he helped me up and introduced himself. He was a new recruit and would be a part of my team. Suddenly work wasn’t so monotonous. I realized what I was missing – an appreciative glance, a naughty smile, casual flirtation – I missed a man in my life. Sigh! Men! Can’t live with them, can’t live without their attention.

It was time I took things to the next level – no, not that way silly! It’s been two weeks, and our flirtations were limited to our work place. Drab formals aren’t the best way to dress to impress a guy. I had recently picked some fabulous jewellery from Zri and was yearning to try them out. A pair of green onyx drop earrings (my favorite!) paired with a gorgeous chiffon sari, which draped around my curves sensuously, beach wavy hair and subtle make-up, highlighting my eyes – I couldn’t think of a better way to make a man go hubba hubba for me. So, it was settled. I invited everyone from work, home, for Diwali and decided to use this opportunity to woo my Olympus God and show him the real me.

Green Onyx Drop Earrings - to spice up any occassion

Green Onyx Drop Earrings – to spice up any occasion

Come D-Day and I was a bit nervous. I suddenly realized I hadn’t thought this through. Supposing, I did manage to cast my spell on this guy? Supposing, I did manage to reel him in, hook, line and sinker? Supposing, he decided to take this forward. Supposing, supposing! What would I do then? I did not know and I decided not to think about it either. Rather I got busy getting ready for the night. Few hours later, I surveyed myself in the mirror. Perfect! I looked chic yet alluring, the perfect mix of sensuous and glamorous. Dimmed lights, glittering diyas all around, fairy lights twinkling and blinking in rhythm with my heart beat – I knew the effect would be mesmerizing.

Everyone was here; enjoying the drinks and the hors d’oeuvres I had served, mingling, talking, chatting and smiling. I waited for my God to make an entrance with bated breath. The doorbell rang and one of my colleagues standing near the door opened it for me. I turned around with a dazzling smile and froze. Not with fear, just surprise. My husband had told me that he would send me a surprise for Diwali and here was the surprise. Him, standing at the door, with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. He looked at me and smiled. I tried walking towards him and tripped but surprisingly, I did not fall down. Strong hands held me and beautiful brown eyes stared at me admiringly. I could feel him holding me tight like he would never let me go and looking at me like only a guy totally in love with me could. I began laughing I was so happy and relieved. True, I needed a man – my man, my love. No Olympian God could take his place.
And, it helps when my man hands me a breathtakingly beautiful necklace from Zri, every time he is back home from a long trip!