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Christmas is round the corner and we bet you’ve already received your invitations to the Christmas balls and dances, not to mention the lovely home parties. Christmas parties are the perfect excuse to jazz up your outfits with some dazzling jewellery.

Crystals are a big hit this time of the year! Invest in some glittering Swarovski pieces and put that sparkle in your winter wardrobe. Now, we know that it’s easier said than done – wearing beautiful jewellery, investing in some Swarovski et al. But in reality, finding the perfect piece at the perfect price is no easy feat. Add to that the walking around, finding stores, the haggling and bargaining, and the disappointment exiting the store empty-handed and it’s not always as fun as it’s meant to be.

But, worry no more beauties! We bring to you five beautiful pieces of jewellery you can flaunt this Christmas. The best part? You can get them without ever leaving the comfort of your home! The holidays could not get more cheery, yay!

The Glittering Gatsby

Got an office party to attend? Or, planning to bedazzle everyone at your hubby’s official Christmas party? Look no further because this necklace is everything you need. Whether you plan to wear an exotic gown or a sensuous sari, this necklace gives a fabulous finishing touch and is an absolutely in-trend piece to wear this Christmas.
Occasions you can wear them to: Formal/Official Party
Wear it with:


The Bewitching Bauble

These earrings may look dainty, but they will surely become the focal point of your personality when you pair them with figure hugging outfits providing just the right amount of elegance and pizazz.
Occasions you can wear them to: Formal/Semi-formal evening parties.
Wear it with: 



The Tribal Trio

Believe us when we tell you that all eyes will be on you when you wear this necklace.  Funky, colorful and eye-catching – exactly what you need to spruce up any monochromatic outfit.
Occasions you can wear them to: Casual Christmas Brunch
Wear it with:



The Lingering Layers

This necklace is one of those easy-to-wear-difficult-to-forget pieces. Wear it with a deep-necked A-line dress or use it to add oodles of charm to a high-necked sweater paired with a swishy skirt. The perfect look for a Christmas dance party.
Occasions you can wear them to: Christmas Dance/Caroling Parties
Wear it with:



The Captivating Corals

This piece is bold, daring, stylish and fascinating – everything that your jewellery should be when you are heading towards a big family reunion Christmas party. This necklace will help you make the perfect style statement.
Occasions you can wear them to: Family Christmas Party/Reunion Party
Wear it with:



Let us know in the comments section how you dazzled and spiked up your FQ this Christmas with Zri jewellery. We’d luuuuv to know!