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Life is too short to wear boring jewellery, wouldn’t you agree?  Right next to clothes and shoes, jewellery is what makes any woman go weak in their knees. And, sometimes the best gifts come in small packages. But if you are still confused about where to get the best jewellery from and whether it will burn a hole in your pocket, then fret no more. We’ve got you covered!
We have curated six amazing pieces from our collection and showcased them here, so you don’t need to waste any time browsing and confusing yourself. Find the perfect jewellery for the perfect woman in your life – right here.

For your precious daughter:

She is the light of your life, your pride and your joy. She is full of life and love and you can’t help but get excited when she’s excited. This Christmas gift her this exquisite silver bali and turn it into a magical Christmas for her.

For your perfect wife:

She has a great sense of humor, is witty and smart, completes your life and has made your house a home for you. What would you not do for her, right? Let’s begin with the perfect jewellery. A delicate pair of earrings that’s elegant and classy.

For your fashionista friend:

You’ve always depended on her to help you out of possible fashion faux pas and she has been your fashion consultant for years, helping you look beautiful and amazing, every time. It’s time to shout out a big thank you to her, or just let this pair of unique earrings do the talking for you.


For your ever-loving sister:

Sister, partner-in-crime, best friend, confidante, sounding board – you name it and she’s been all that and more. Your first love, your first heart-break, your first day at school and college – she was right beside you giving you the confidence you needed and holding your hand tight. She deserves nothing but the best. This perfect pair of earrings is the best way to let her know how much she means to you.

For your awesome mother:

From the moment you opened your eyes, she’s been there for you. Can you think of anyone else who could love you as much as your mother does? Nobody! She is the alpha and the omega of your life and this selfless lady never expects anything back for all the love and time she showers on you. Gifts may never be able to completely express your gratitude towards her, but it’s a start. Go ahead and gift her these jhumkis and thank us later for it.

For your best friend forever:

Because of her, you laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more. She is with you in the best of times and the worst of times, never leaving your side. You can be yourself with her and being with her is probably all the therapy you‘ll ever need. She is your friend forever, your soul-sister and your crazy half. This friendship is one of the most precious relationships you would have ever forged so let the world know of it. Wear these matching bracelet and necklace and swear with your pinky that you will be friends forever.